The new G30 BMW 5 Series has been teased in a new video ahead of its unveiling at the Paris Motor Show next month. It’s a big deal, this executive sedan, as it will face very stiff competition at the sharp end of the segment – particularly the still fresh-faced W213 Mercedes-Benz E-Class.

Very little has actually been revealed of the design – only a brief, obscure glimpse of the rear three-quarter view. About the only clear part of the car we can see is the design of the tail lights – the light guides have a looping L shape, much like the facelifted (LCI) F30 3 Series.

Also seen are the new Air Breather vents aft of the front wheels, while the silhouette of the car shows that the new G30 will carry the same balanced proportions of the current F10. Meanwhile, a shot of the car reversing out of a parking space with the driver out of the car hints that the 5 Series could gain the G12 7 Series‘ optional Remote Control Parking feature.

More details of the upcoming model can be gleaned from Autocar‘s first drive report of the new 5 Series – first up, as expected, it will ride on the Cluster Architecture (CLAR) that debuted on the new 7 Series.


Unlike the larger car, the G30 will not feature Carbon Core construction – but the increased use of aluminium (as well as other weight-saving features like a lighter wiring loom) still contribute to weight saving of up to 100 kg, despite a slight increase in size.

Power will come from the usual range of turbocharged four-, six- and eight-cylinder engines, including the 2.0 litre B47 diesel and B48 petrol four-pots, the 3.0 litre B57 diesel and B58 petrol straight-sixes and a revised 4.4 litre twin-turbo V8. Also expected down the line is the F90 M5, with an uprated version of the current 4.4 litre V8 producing up to 626 hp.

At the other end of the spectrum will be a plug-in hybrid model, using the same powertrain as the 330e, 740e and X5 xDrive40e. A 2.0 litre four-cylinder engine is coupled with an electric motor between the engine and the transmission, while a lithium-ion battery sits under the boot floor.

The double wishbone suspension at the front has been reengineered with an increased use aluminium components for reduced unsprung weight, while the five-link rear suspension has been redesigned with a new geometry, lighter and stiffer aluminium components and new mounting points. There will also be sports suspension, dynamic dampers, four-wheel steering and xDrive all-wheel drive as optional extras.

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