Always know what is happening around your vehicle. The next generation of the BMW 5 Series with the BMW Connected feature ‘Remote 3D View’. Coming soon.

Posted by BMW on Friday, 26 August 2016

BMW isn’t ready to reveal the all-new G30 5 Series yet, and have released this video to preview a feature that will be available on the Mercedes-Benz E-Class rival. Dubbed “Remote View 3D,” the feature allows the owner to “see” the car’s surroundings remote by using its BMW Connected, smartphone app, a first for a BMW model apparently.

The teaser video also includes several driving shots of the new G30, although the German carmaker has done well to make things as blurry as possible, so as not to give anything away. However, in the shot of the Remote View 3D function in operation, we can clearly see “540i” in the top-left portion of the iPhone’s screen.

The 540i will likely serve as the replacement for the 535i, like how the 340i succeeded the 335i. In terms of design, several spyshots of the G30 indicate that the new model will adopt an evolutionary design. BMW has also said that it would be the first automaker in the world to implement a robotic optical measuring cell in its pilot plant in Munich, with the new 5 Series being the first beneficiary.

At the time, we were also treated to several photos of a camouflaged G30 on the rig, which served as an unofficial teaser of the new model. For now, no official date has been set for the global debut of the all-new 5 Series, but rumours indicate an October reveal.

GALLERY: G30 BMW 5 Series teased