If you thought Kawasaki’s Vulcan S middleweight cruiser was a somewhat staid and conservative middle-weight cruiser, think again. Created by Warm Up and Holy, “The Underdog” is a NOS-breathing, 150 hp, completely customised Kawasaki Vulcan S, as reported by 1000ps.de last August.

Built to participate in the 2016 Essenza Sprint Challenge at Glemseck 101 in Loenberg, Germany, the rules of the competition for Underdog are simple – two wheels, two cylinders and a maximum of 1,200 cc. Starting with the 649 cc, 61 hp, 228 kg Kawasaki Vulcan S, engine builders Holy reworked the parallel-twin mill with a completely new intake system, revised head, new connecting rods and a new crankshaft.

Along with modified 43 mm throttle bodies and injectors from a Kawasaki ZX-10R, this was good enough for 90 hp, but good enough isn’t good enough. The addition of NOS brought the horsepower figure up to 90, which along with a reduction in overall weight to 185 kg, meant Underdog was now ready for the quarter-mile.

Taking over from Holy, builder Tomy Holzner of Warm UP – who originated the idea of Underdog – put designer Dimitri Molinas and a 3D printer to work creating all the special pieces and bodywork that the drag bike needed. This included a custom tank cover, bullet fairing for the front and a self-supporting seat unit.

The build component list is extensive, with Emil Schwarz looking after the suspension that saw an Ohlins front fork being fitted, along with Galfer brake discs and Speigler calipers and master cylinders being fitted. Italian Francesca Casperi is riding Underdog for the sprint challenge.

Retailing in Malaysia for RM30,519 including GST, the Kawasaki Vulcan S has proven to be popular with Malaysian bikers due to its value price, but the Underdog takes things to another level. What do you think of this uber-dragster? Leave a comment with your thoughts and opinions, below.