Zero bidding for special registration numbers are only applicable for the prime minister, deputy prime minister and cabinet ministers, said deputy transport minister Datuk Aziz Kaprawi in a report by The Sun. “Cabinet ministers are only entitled to a one time privilege to choose any registration number during their working tenure,” the deputy transport minister told the news daily.

The special registration numbers are given to Cabinet ministers, PM and DPM as they are classified as federal government administrative officials, he said. This was in reference to the registration numbers “V 38” and “V 6.” which were listed as owned by two unnamed “Anggota Pentadbiran Kerajaan” (government administrative officals), each for a zero-bid sum.

“Even I am not getting the facility,” said Aziz Kaprawi, adding that the Road Transport Department (JPJ) always ensures procedures are adhered to when awarding special registration numbers to individuals.

No civil servant was given the privilege during the recent tender bidding process for new registration numbers of “F 1” to “F 9999” (Putrajaya) and “V 1” to “V 9999” (Kuala Lumpur), he added. The tender process which ran from July 15 – 28 yielded the highest revenue ever for a vehicle registration tender drive; the “V” series registrations gathered a record RM22 million from the auctions.

The highest bid for the “V” series of registration plates once again went to Johor ruler, Sultan Ibrahim Almarhum Sultan Iskandar for the “V 1” plate at RM989,780. The Johor ruler has form with special plates; earlier purchases include the “F 1” plate at RM836,660; “W 1 N” at RM748,000; and “WWW 1” at RM520,000.

As far as individual registration plates go, the highest ever bid recorded for a single registration was for ‘PATRIOT 1’, which was sold to a confidential buyer for RM1,308,000, although the successful bidder was said to have abandoned the deal to take ownership of the special plate.