PLUS spends around RM1 billion a year on maintenance of all its highway assets, with primary spending being on paving works and road surface repairs. About 74% of its annual budget is allocated for highway maintenance, PLUS COO Mohammad Fuad Khusairi said.

“A lot of maintenance work is carried out to ensure that the more than 4,800 km of road surfaces on PLUS highways are in good condition at all times,” he told reporters at a media briefing to highlight aspects of highway maintenance.

“Aside from the 4,800 km of highways, regular maintenance is necessary for the 6,800 slopes, 638 bridges, 5,500 sewers, two tunnels and road lighting in the entire highway grid,” he added. The concessionaire said it has a three-stage operating strategy in place, and these cover routine, curative and preventive maintenance.


“Routine maintenance includes periodic/scheduled tasks such as bridge maintenance, landscaping and many others. Meanwhile, curative maintenance involves pavement resurfacing to ensure the safety of road users as well as repair work on bridges, slopes, drainage systems and tunnels. As for preventive maintenance, this consists of efforts to prolong the lifespan of the assets and the facilities on the highway,” Fuad stated.

The concessionaire also highlighted the high number of resources needed to ensure the smooth running and safety of its highways. PLUS employs more than 400 personnel to patrol the highways, and deploys 107 vehicles (as well as 18 tow trucks and 17 slide decks), 49 motorbikes and three helicopters across its entire highway system.