So friendly-looking is the outgoing Nissan March that even after a sporty makeover, it still looks cute more than anything. This is the Nissan March Midnight Edition that the designers at Nissan Design Estúdio Rio in Brazil have come up with for the Sao Paulo Motor Show next month.

The little hatch gets a big mouth and a protruding chin up front, and there’s a red-black two-tone paint scheme going on. The stock-looking wheels, wing mirrors and roof are in black, and the headlamps have the smoked look. We don’t get a look inside, but the interior sports matching gloss black switchgear. No power upgrade is mentioned.

After midnight comes a new day, and there will be a new March/Micra hitting markets worldwide soon. The fifth-gen March was revealed at the Paris show last month, and it has ditched the rounded features of this car for a striking look that looks sporty as it is. It’s bigger and plusher, too. Europe will be the first market to launch the new March, next March.

GALLERY: 2017 Nissan March