This is the next Bentley Flying Spur. No, your eyes do not deceive; however, it is, in fact Bentley’s next Continental-based four-door, seen here wearing a Porsche Panamera exterior, which shares its MSB architecture with the upcoming Bentley Continental GT two-door and GTC convertible.

It would be otherwise indistinguishable if not for our spy photographer checking the British registration plates with the UK DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency), which revealed this otherwise-undisguised Panamera to be registered as a Bentley.


Under the sheet metal, the upcoming Flying Spur can be expected to feature the 4.0 litre twin-turbo powertrain from the Panamera Turbo as well as a revised version of the current car’s 6.0 litre biturbo W12, with all-wheel-drive an a torque converter automatic transmission a near certainty for this future addition to the greater Volkswagen Group of cars.

A diesel mill is a possibility, too, as the Bentayga Diesel has set the precedent for Bentleys that drink from the black pump, and it already has a platform sibling in the Panamera Diesel. Being a luxurious four-door more suited to chauffeur duties than a coupe, the Flying Spur lends itself well to a diesel’s effortless surge.

The Continental GT will be due for replacement next year; therefore, the next-generation Flying Spur can be expected to make its debut later in 2017.