Fake cameras and more female enforcement officers are the keys to improving road safety, according to Dr Rozmi Ismail, associate professor for the School of Psychology and Human Development at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, as reported by The Sun.

The recommendation for decoy devices was based on research conducted worldwide, which was found to be effective in getting road users to be on guard all the time, Dr Rozmi said. “Install five to 10 fake cameras at crash-prone areas or traffic lights. Make the fake cameras visible every 3 km or 5 km and let the public guess which one is a genuine camera – a real device can be installed in between,” he explained. In doing so, road users will be kept on guard.

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The professor also suggested an increase in women’s participation in road traffic enforcement for their “straight as an arrow” stance towards law enforcement. “No disrespect to the policemen, but ladies as enforcement officers have unyielding reputation as law enforcers,” he said.

Dr Rozmi cited the example in Penang where female officers with the Penang Island City Council were verbally abused by traffic offenders, who were later arrested and charged for obstructing a public servant in discharging public duties. He said that female enforcement officers have shown that they are always firm and do their jobs without fear or favour, compared to male officers who tend to be “more lenient with offenders.”

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