The facelifted 991-generation Porsche 911 isn’t exactly long in the tooth, and now spy images of the next-generation Neunelfer have emerged, said to be built on a new, modular sports car platform. Here, though, it wears a 991 body with some detail changes.

As with previous iterations, the next 911 is expected to grow bigger in most dimensions, including track, width and possibly wheelbase. The test mule here is seen wearing the wider front wheelarches from the GT3 RS, albeit with the wheelarch vents sealed up.

Around the back, the bodyshell is largely the same as the updated 991 Carrera, with the dual exhaust exits signifying the latest turbocharged Carrera that marks the base of the current 911 range.


As before, the next-generation 911 is expected to spawn a wide range of models and variants such as the Carrera, Cabriolet, Targa, GTS and Turbo lines, with forced induction making up the vast majority of the engine line-up. What remains to be seen is whether or not the GT range of cars (GT3, GT3 RS) will retain their signature high-revving, naturally aspirated engines, or if they too will go the turbocharging route.

The next 911 isn’t to reach markets until 2018, and its new platform is said to be shared with upcoming new models such as the the next-generation Boxster and Cayman, while further afield in the Volkswagen Group, the platform could be used in the next Audi R8 and the successor to the Lamborghini Huracan.

By extension of that in a roundabout way, it could also form the basis of Porsche’s mid-engined supercar, which will be aimed at the likes of the Ferrari 488 GTB and the McLaren 650S.