Spotted testing earlier, the upcoming, facelifted version of the Porsche 911 GT3 is now seen without disguise, and here we can see that it adopts the sharper, more square-cut front bumper treatment from the Cayman GT4, while the indicators have been updated to the slimline, straight units on the revised 911 models, for both Carrera and Turbo model ranges.

The rear end also gains the revised, three-dimensional tail light assembly, and while this upcoming GT3 retains the outgoing, pre-facelift model’s centrally-mounted exhaust, there are minor detail changes to the rear bumper as well; the main, full-width crease line is more pronounced, while the exit ducts appear more square-cut, in line with the revised bumper design at the front.

The big news with the facelifted 991-generation GT3 is encore appearance of the manual transmission – a six-speed unit derived from the limited-run 911 R special, which, along with a limited slip differential, will handle driveline duties with the 3.8 litre, naturally aspirated flat-six, which is expected to also gain a slightly power hike beyond the current car’s 475 hp.