Ferrari has released a new promotional video for its special edition LaFerrari Aperta starring the company’s Formula 1 racing driver, Sebastian Vettel. In the 2 minutes 33 seconds spot, we get to see just what the open-top LaFerrari is capable off, with a slight bit of hooning from the Scuderia driver.

As the LaFerrari Aperta is part of Ferrari’s celebration of its 70th anniversary next year, Vettel’s somewhat peaceful drive to the race track features a look back at some of the company’s most famous racing cars, tracing the journey it has taken to create its flagship hypercar.

Competition models such as the 125 S, 250 GTO, 330 P4, as well as the F2003-GA are all seen in the spot, with the LaFerrari finally arriving at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya in Spain, where Vettel is free to fully employ the 6.3 litre V12 engine with a KERS system, all 949 hp of it.

You’ll get to hear that amazing engine in all its glory here, first as how a Formula 1 driver would want to drive the car, and later, as how a hoonigan would drive the car. By the end of the video, Vettel is ready to call it a day but the car “calls” out to him, urging him to have another go.

If the ad has done enough to pique your interest in the LaFerrari Aperta, there’s a problem. All 209 units of the model has been accounted for, so it’ll likely cost a premium to own one from someone who’s willing to part with theirs.