Lotus Elise 250 Special Edition-08

Lotus Cars posted positive cash flow in August – its first in 40 years – and its newfound financial health will help it fund a range of new models, including the all-new Elise in 2020, according to an Autocar report. The sportscar maker’s turnaround can be credited to chief Jean-Marc Gales, who set out to stabilise its finances and improve its product range when he joined in 2014.

Since then, Lotus has introduced updated versions of its cars including the Exige Sport 350 and the Evora 400. The latter has been instrumental in bringing Lotus back into profitability, with early success in the US market. Now, Lotus has started development of an all-new range, starting with the Elise, and the track-focused Exige to follow after it.

As with the Evora before it, the all-new Elise is being developed to comply with the US market’s more strigent crash tests. Now operationally positive with 1,700 to 1,800 sales annually, the company aims for 2,000 sales next year, 2,500 the year after, and nearly double that with the launch of the new Elise and Exige beyond 2020. Until then, the company continues to improve upon its existing model line-up, as shown with the unveiling of the Exige Sport 380 recently.