It appears that Mercedes-Benz will steal the thunder from BMW’s centennial celebrations this year, as Stuttgart is poised to usurp Munich as the world’s largest premium brand, according to Reuters.

November sales figures showed that Mercedes sold 182,602 vehicles that month, an increase of 13%; this puts the total sales so far this year at 1.89 vehicles, 12% up from last year. By contrast, BMW sold just 177,740 cars this year, up 5.9% and bringing its volume for the first 11 months up 5.6% to 1.82 million units.

If this momentum is carried to the end of the year, Mercedes would regain the sales crown it lost to BMW in 2005. The latter has sat at the top for 11 consecutive years, selling 1.91 million vehicles last year. Mercedes, meanwhile, sold 1.87 million cars in 2015, meaning that it has already surpassed last year’s volume with one more month still to go.

“With double-digit growth since the beginning of the year, we surpassed last year’s total unit sales by the Mercedes-Benz brand already in November. This makes 2016 a new record year for Mercedes-Benz,” stated Mercedes-Benz marketing and sales chief Ola Källenius.

The three-pointed star had a particularly strong performance in the Asia Pacific region, with 63,918 vehicles delivered in November – a record and an increase of 14.7% over November last year. The bulk of sales went to China, with 42,310 vehicles sold, up 16.5%.

Meanwhile, perennial third placer Audi sold 154,050 cars last month, up 4.3%. So far, Ingolstadt has sold 1.71 million vehicles worldwide in 2016, an increase of 4.2% from the same period last year. Last year, the company sold 1.80 million cars in total.