Academy Award-winning actor (finally) and renown environmental activist Leonardo DiCaprio has added another title to his list – he has been appointed as brand ambassador for Chinese electric vehicle brand BYD.

The megastar has been contracted to promote the company’s “new energy vehicles,” part of the “Cool the Earth by 1°C” campaign for the creation of a “Zero Emissions Energy Ecosystem.” DiCaprio will work with BYD throughout 2017 in an effort to “highlight new developments and announcements” regarding its lineup of vehicles in China.

“Leonardo DiCaprio has greatly inspired the world with his outstanding dedication to saving the planet’s ecological environment,” said BYD brand and public relations general manager Sherry Li. “As our brand ambassador in China, we are pleased to work with him in promoting public awareness of climate change through the use of new energy vehicles.”

DiCaprio said, “All over the world people are realising that cars that run on fossil fuels are inefficient and a major threat to the planet. I am very pleased to be joining an effort to increase the number of clean vehicles on the road in China and beyond.”