Failing your driving education curriculum theory on a regular basis? Well, here’s a surefire way to improve your chances of passing the test on the next try. It’s called ‘My Test’, and what it does is allow you to gain competency by practicing questions and specially-prepared exercises presented by the curriculum ahead of the actual test.

The learning aid has been introduced by the JPJ Federal Territory co-operative and Malaysian Driving Institutes Association (PIMA) co-op, Berita Harian reports. Available for less than RM10, the card provides web access via a PIN number to 500 questions related to the driving education curriculum theory (KPP-01).

“Candidates can try ‘My Test’ exams up to 10 times before taking the actual test. They can find out how long the real test runs and will be able to review wrong answers,” JPJ WP co-op chairman Suhaime Mohammad Ismail said.

“I can say candidates using ‘My Test’ have a 100% chance to pass, because based on the attempt by a candidate who failed up to six times before, the candidate was able to pass the real test after three attempts following the use of the learning aid,” he stated. The ‘My Test’ card can now be purchased via driving schools in the Klang Valley and will be available throughout the country in the next two to three weeks.