Back in November 2016, we reported that Bermaz will increase the prices of Mazda vehicles in Malaysia due to forex movements, and it looks like that time is finally upon us.

A posting on a local dealer’s Facebook page revealed that all 2017 Mazda cars will see a price hike of up to RM6,000. We checked with Bermaz themselves and yes folks, the increase is confirmed, and effective immediately.

Starting with the Mazda 2, all versions of the fully-imported (CBU) B-segment model, be it those fitted with halogen or LED headlamps in either hatchback or sedan body styles, will see RM2,000 added to its selling price.

Halogen models without the Soul Red exterior paint finish will now be priced at RM87k, whereas LED-equipped 2s are now RM96k. Those who want the premium colour will still need to top up an additional RM500 on top of both prices mentioned.

Next up, the locally-assembled (CKD) Mazda 3 also sees an increase of RM2,000, with the hatchback priced at RM123k, while the Mid and High spec sedan variants retail for RM108k and RM123k, respectively. These prices are for those that opt for a solid paint finish, with metallic options costing RM400 more.

The facelifted CX-5 SUV, another CKD model, is now RM2,500 more across the model range. The following 2WD variants are now priced as such: 2.0 Mid (RM131k), 2.0 High (RM167k) 2.5 (RM180k) and 2.2D (RM187k). As for the 2.5 4WD, the only all-paw offering, it can now be had for RM169k. Like the Mazda 3, the metalic paint will set you back an additional RM400.

Meanwhile, the CBU CX-3 is priced at RM134k and the Biante MPV is RM149k, both an increase of RM3,000. The D-segment Mazda 6 is now RM6,000 more for all variants, including the touring and diesel versions. For the petrol-powered 6, the 2.0 is now RM165k and the 2.5 is RM201k. As for the touring, it now costs RM205k, while the diesel 2.2 is RM209k.

Finally, the facelifted BT-50 pick-up truck is hiked by RM3,000, with prices now as such: 2.2MT Mid (RM90k), 2.2MT High (RM100k), 2.2AT (RM105k) and 3.2AT (RM117k). Keep in mind that all the prices mentioned here are on-the-road without insurance.