The Tokyo Auto Salon is known for its gathering of modified car exhibits, both from the original manufacturers themselves as well as from the aftermarket scene. Toyota goes into the 2017 Tokyo Auto Salon with various concepts based upon the 86 coupe, the Hiace van, and the Hilux pick-up truck, as well as the latest of the bunch, the C-HR crossover.

Kicking off with the most buzz-generating of the lot, the C-HR, two concepts are showcased. The first is the ‘Aggressive Style’ (white car above), which brings customised front and rear bumpers, rear diffuser, extended side skirts, plus lip spoiler on the rear tailgate, as well as black wheels with a polished lip finish.

The second C-HR, kitted out in the ‘Extreme Style’, takes a different approach for its own imposing look. 16-inch wheels with tyres of a relatively tall aspect ratio are housed beneath black-trimmed wheel arches with red mud flaps behind them, and a contrasting front spoiler.

Other items featured on the equipment list include sports seat covers, a motion control beam for the suspension system, tyre pressure monitoring, start/stop system and door handle protectors.

A minivan’s utilitarian roots doesn’t immediately make it an obvious candidate for the aftermarket, but TRD has given the Hiace van a once-over. A red, white, black and grey exterior livery scheme helps enliven the Hiace, while foglamps and LED lights appear to have been added to the van’s revised front bumper.

As with the ‘Extreme Style’ C-HR, the Hiace TRD Concept features red mud flaps. Both these and the front bumper are said to be under consideration for sale in Japan.

Next up is the Hilux pick-up truck, here wearing similar TRD colours. Knobbly tyres, a snorkel and mud flaps give it a more pronounced off-road slant, while its chassis appears to also be given a slight lift for more ground clearance.

Its interior also appears to be stripped to the bare essentials for competition, with a pair of bucket seats with racing harnesses in front, while a roll cage takes residence at the back. As for the truck bed, the tray bed liner has been removed, along with the rear bumper for an improved departure angle.

A two-seater sports car is sure to be a hit with the aftermarket and tuner demographic, and this 14R-60 Carbon Concept Toyota 86 coupe comes with lashings of carbon-fibre for some motorsport flair.

The material is applied to the front bumper and fenders, with the former building upon the shape of the front bumper on the 86 TRD Griffon Concept. A larger wheel and tyre setup houses uprated brakes, while the extended side skirts and tall GT-style wing complements the thrusting chin splitter on the aforementioned front bumper.

Last but not least, the Toyota 86 coupe is also reinterpreted as a rally car in the guise of 86 TRD Rally Concept4. It retains much of the standard 86’s body to aid ground clearance, while the wheel, tyre and ride height combination has been chosen to suit the rally application, with mud flaps present too.

The 86 TRD Rally Concept4’s front and rear bumpers each gain a towing eyelet, while inside a pair of fixed back racing bucket seats and a roll cage are among the rallying essentials installed on this car.

Quite a variety of styles from a range of models here from Toyota. Which of these has your fancy?