Here’s something refreshing. Not just because a car company is giving away gold bars (although that’s pretty amazing in itself) but because this promo is for existing customers. It’s not to get more customers, but to reward those that are already in the fold, and who have already coughed out the money! And no further purchase or service needed, too. Years of processing press releases and I don’t remember anything of this sort, really.

The year of the rooster brings pure gold for all, Honda Malaysia proclaims. Not all of course, although a good number of Honda owners will walk away with gold and money. The first prize is a 100g gold bar worth RM20k and there are two of those. Three will walk away with a gold bar worth RM10k and there are 25 other smaller ones for the third and fourth prizes. In addition there will be 50 gold dinars worth RM850 each and 920 consolation prizes of BSN saving certificates worth RM250 each.

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How to enter? Each Honda owner is entitled to one entry. Those who service their car as per preventive maintenance schedule (mine is due, look at me Choi Sun Yeh!) get one entry plus free (empty) ang pow packets and a mystery free gift. The campaign runs from now till February 19.

To enter, simply answer a question and slogan and send it via SMS to 66688. There’s a way of doing this, so click on the image above for detailed instructions. Saya sudah, anda bila lagi?