It’s a question that has made a few rounds on the interweb: did the Lamborghini Diablo, in fact, use headlamps from the Nissan 300ZX? Lamborghini owner Rob Dahm answers the question posed, with some accompanying background detail.

The answer to that question is yes. In the Diablo’s twilight years, Lamborghini was transitioning to a new design language that called for fixed, flush-mounted headlamps which followed the previous pop-up design, and when the company progressed with the update, their own revised headlamp design could not be approved by the US Department of Transportation in time for use on the updated Diablo.

To get around that obstacle, Lamborghini went looking for a headlamp of their desired style which was already approved by authorities and in production, which was how the company arrived at the 300ZX’s headlamps. Check out the video for Dahm’s explanation.