Miffed about Mazda not offering Apple CarPlay and Android Auto support? You won’t have to for much longer, as the Japanese carmaker has confirmed that it will eventually add support of both smartphone connection options on its cars.

The news comes via Cars.com, which reported on an official statement by Mazda’s US arm. According to the company, it’s in the midst of “developing both systems to interface with our Mazda Connect [MZD Connect in other countries] infotainment system,” although there’s no official timeline for their availability as yet.

Interestingly, Mazda claims that support for the two systems will also be available as an upgrade for existing customers, with little modification needed. This should be good news for current owners of Mazda vehicles equipped with the MZD Connect system, although again, there is no information on timing or cost.

“Both software systems should be retroactively upgradable onto all Mazda Connect systems with a potentially minimal hardware addition needed,” the company stated. So, that’s three cheers both for those looking to buy a Mazda as well as those who have already purchased one, then. What do you think of this news? Sound off in the comments section after the jump.