The names of Suzuki and Yoshimura have denoted racing success since 1978, when “Pops” Yoshimura – real name Hideo Yoshimura – and Wes Cooley took a Suzuki GS to victory at Daytona. Today, Yoshimura, now managed by Pops’ son, Fujio, runs Suzuki’s US superbike racing team.

Naturally, racing Suzuki GSX-Rs, Yoshimura is in a unique position to develop performance parts for the big Gixxer and other bikes, something it has done for close to 60 years. For the 2017 Suzuki GSX-R1000, Yoshimura has come up with a set of street and race exhausts in steel and titanium, along with other parts designed to enhance the GSX-R’s race performance.

First up for the Suzuki GSX-R1000 is Yoshimura’s Race Alpha T exhaust systems, available in stainless steel and titanium, with carbon-fibre exhaust end caps. In stainless, the Yoshimura Race Alpha exhaust header and end can retails for 1,199 USD (RM5,334), while a full titanium exhaust system for that authentic race look will set you back 2,269 USD (RM10,095).

For street use, slip-on end-cans in either stainless steel or titanium are available, with carbon-fibre end caps. Going stainless steel will cost 579 USD (RM2,576), while the lighter titanium end can goes for 779 USD (RM3,466). All Yoshimura exhaust cans feature its “tri-oval” design which increases ground clearance and tucks the can out of the way.

Engine goodies from Yoshimura designed to fit the GSX-R1000 include engine covers and plug kits, at 369.95 USD (RM1,646) and 89.95 USD (RM400) respectively. Also for street use are a fender eliminator kit at 149 USD (RM662), tank pad at 29.99 USD (RM133) and works-style handlebar ends at 59.95 USD (RM266).

Rounding out the set of Suzuki GSX-R1000 specific accessories from Yoshimura are a pair of works-style mirror hole caps, that close off the openings left behind when the mirrors are removed for track use. These will cost you 84.95 USD (RM378), and shipping for all items is extra.