Push a button, and get set to clear the gridlocked traffic ahead of you. It sounds like something that happens in cartoons, but this is a real, functioning Jeep Grand Cherokee that can drive over stopped traffic. It is however, a gimmick for a marketing campaign.

US telecommunications service provider Verizon commissioned Thinkmodo, a marketing agency to come up with the concept. The extra-tall riding Jeep was built by A2Zfx, a company specialising in the custom fabrication and manufacture of promotional vehicles.

It’s powered by a single Honda generator in the engine bay, which delivers electricity to the hydraulic pumps that power the steering, braking, drive, and of course, elevation.

Said to weigh a little under twice as much as the standard Jeep Grand Cherokee, the Hum Rider rolls on truck tyres in place of the standard set in order to support the added weight. At its full extension, the Hum Rider is nine feet tall with its track widths also extended, and in the video it appears to just clear a Ford Fiesta, Kia Rio sedan, and a Mazda 3 sedan.

The footage cuts away as the Hum Rider approaches the pick-up truck ahead – conveniently, perhaps? According to Mashable, Thinkmodo deployed assistants to stop bystanders from recording their own footage of the Hum Rider’s abilities.

Dear readers, what do you think of the Hum Rider’s concept?