Coming with a power increase for 2017 are the Italian-made Energica Evo sports bike and Eva naked sports electric bikes (e-bikes). This is in conjunction with homologation for the e-bikes under Euro 4 regulations.

Power numbers for the pair of Energica e-bikes are 145 hp, up from 136 hp for the Ego, and 108 hp, up from 95 hp, for the Eva. More telling is the maximum torque, which is increased from 195 Nm to 200 Nm for the Ego, and the Eva gets a bump from 170 Nm to 180 Nm.

From the current specification sheet, the Energica Ego is limited to 241 km/h, while the Eva has a top speed cap of 201 km/h. While riders used to internal combustion engined sports bikes might scoff at these power numbers, it should be remembered that e-bikes deliver maximum torque from zero rpm, which makes launches from a standstill very interesting.

Range for the faster Ego is claimed by Energica to be 150 km on a full charge, while the Eva goes approximately 200 km between charges. The 11.7 kWh battery is said to be good for 1,200 charging cycles with a full charge on AC power taking 3.5 hours, and 30 minutes gets the battery to 85% on DC.

Battery monitoring is provided by a Vehicle Control Unit that uses a multi-map adaptive energy and power management algorithm, even when the bike is switched off, and a multi-colour TFT LCD displays all the necessary information, with Bluetooth connectivity to the rider’s smartphone. Colour options for the 2017 Energica Ego and Eva are Electric Green, Dark Blue and Lunar White.