The Malaysian Automotive Association (MAA) has released sales data for last month by brand, and it appears that the vast majority of auto brands in the country recorded an uptick in sales.

The first quarter of this year recorded a 7.29% or 9,572-unit increase over the same period last year, which was likely driven by the introduction of new models to the market in each of the first three months of the year.

Topping the March chart is Perodua, with 19,459 vehicles sold last month, representing a 17.2% increase over the 16,603 units sold in February. Meanwhile, Proton registered a marginal dip to 6,070 units sold last month, compared to 6,099 in February. The other passenger car brand which saw a dip in sales was Ford, with 439 vehicles sold last month compared to 474 sold in February.

Among the non-national makes, Honda held station in second place with 10,994 vehicles sold last month, a 42.9% gain over the 7,695 units sold in February. The biggest gainer for the month of March is Renault with a 200% gain from February to March, selling 66 vehicles last month compared to 22 in the month before.

Other brands which made big strides last month include Mitsubishi with a 114.2% increase, Subaru with a 122.5% increase, and Porsche with a 133.3% increase compared to February. Elsewhere, gains were also made by Mercedes (+27.9%), BMW (+30.8%), Toyota (+36.0%), Nissan (+45.2%), Isuzu (+60.0%), Mazda (+77.8%), and Volkswagen (+78.5%).

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