The idea is novel – taking it underground to offer faster travel between places. That’s the premise of Elon Musk’s latest idea, which aims to build an underground network of tunnels that will get cars from one location to another in faster time than it would be possible on the surface.

His infrastructure and tunneling company, The Boring Company (TBC), has come up with the video showing how the innovation works – cars go on to a platform, which is then brought below to the tunnel network, and moved along in slot car fashion.

Speeds of up to 200 km/h are touted, and at a TED talk presentation, Musk said that a car on the network would be able to cover the run from Westwood on the Westside of Los Angeles to LAX airport in around five to six minutes, well under less than half the time it would take to do so on the surface.

Apparently, TBC has begun work on excavating a test trench on SpaceX’s premises in Hawthorne, California. The latter, an aerospace manufacturer, is owned by Musk.