Earlier today, we reported that Volvo is switching to Android as the basis for its next-generation infotainment systems, and now Audi is also joining in on the fun. Ingolstadt is showcasing a version of the Q8 sport concept – integrating the world’s most popular mobile operating system – at the annual Google I/O developer conference, which kicks off on May 17.

As part of an exhibit featuring Android for in-car infotainment applications, the new infotainment system runs Spotify and Google Play Music, along with the new Google Assistant that debuted on the Pixel smartphone – all on the MMI centre touchscreen. All these services will also be displayed on the Audi virtual cockpit, directly in the driver’s field of view.

This makes it the first time that they are fully-integrated into the company’s infotainment system. Drivers will also be able to use Google Maps for the navigation system instead of the default HERE mapping, and there’s a new message centre for incoming calls and messages, too.

Audi claims that the expertise and creativity of the open Android community could speed up the development of new applications that will find their way into vehicles, such as additional connected services – as long as they fulfil both Google and Audi’s requirements. Customers will be able to enjoy other benefits as well, including shorter update cycles, a greater diversity of services and broader international availability.

GALLERY: Audi Q8 sport concept