The month of May 2017 saw an increase in vehicle sales by 18% from April, amounting to 50,600 vehicles being registered, according to data from the Malaysian Automotive Association (MAA).

Now, it’s time to see how each brand performed in that period, and we begin with Perodua, which continues to retain its number one spot with 17,211 units, a 19.7% increase from 14,378 units in April. Meanwhile, Proton occupied the third spot with 7,176 units, a healthy 27.8% gain (from 5,616 units in April).

Moving on, the leading non-national brand continues to be Honda, coming in just behind Perodua with 9,153 units (+25.7%). This brings the brand’s year-to-date sales figure up to 43,719 in the first five months of 2017.

Progressing further down the list, we find Toyota in fourth place with 6,072 units (+4.4%) and Nissan in fifth with 2,650 units (+22.7%). Mercedes-Benz retains its lead in the premium segment in sixth place overall with 1,084 units (+50.3%), while BMW experienced a slight dip in sales with just 853 units (-5.2%).

Elsewhere on the list, it was an encouraging month for Ford (+73.7%), Mitsubishi (+36.2%), Volvo (+88%) and Renault (+46%). On the other hand, it’s bad news for Mazda (-8.9%), Kia (-2.2%) and Hyundai (-10.9%).

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