According to data supplied by the Malaysian Automotive Association (MAA), the month of May saw 50,600 units being registered, an increase of 7,854 units or 18% from April 2017 (42,746 units).

The figure is also higher than in May 2016 by 5,932 units, equivalent to a 13% increase. As for year-to-date sales, that figure stands at 234,186 units, which is 16,065 units or 7% more over the same period last year.

The MAA attributes the boost in sale to a number of factors, including new model launches as well as the pre-Hari Raya festive season deals offered to consumers. For the month of June, the association expects vehicle sales volume to be maintained close to the level attained in May with the continuation of festive deals and a shorter working month.

Meanwhile, production for the month of May peaked at 47,474 units, which is 9,824 units more than in the month of April (37,650 units). Compared to the same month last year (May 2016), the deviation is only 176 units or less than 1% lower.

As for year-to-date production figures, the five month period in 2017 recorded 223,139 units, which is 1,104 units or less than 1% higher than the 222,035 units produced in the same period last year.