The third-generation, G01 BMW X3 has made its debut with a full redesign, featuring new engines and fresh technology from its larger siblings. The mid-sized Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV) can now be equipped with Driving Assistant Plus, which packages a host of semi-autonomous driving capabilities.

This is comprised of BMW’s steering and lane control assistant, which, as the name implies, aids the driver’s steering inputs in order to keep the X3 in the middle of its lane. Courtesy of the electric steering assistance, this system is intended to help the driver on longer, more monotonous highway stretches for “more convenience and comfort,” according to BMW.

Collisions can and do happen when one vehicle stops abruptly ahead of another, and here BMW’s Evasion Aid assistance helps the X3 driver avoid such an eventuality. When called into action, the system aids quick, evasive steering action, while focusing on maximising vehicle stability, says BMW, possibly with suitably calibrated suspension damper and stability control settings.

Driving Assistance Plus also helps when approaching intersections, with Crossroads Warning. In the event an oncoming vehicle turns across the X3’s path, Crossroads Warning primes the brakes for immediate application with more braking power, along with visual and aural warnings for the X3’s driver.

On its exterior, the G01 X3 can be specified with LED headlights and tail lights, with an adaptive LED setup for the front and a full LED setup with three-dimensional clusters at the rear. Inside, the X3 M40i receives a new-look multi-function M Sport three-spoke steering wheel and M design front sports seats.

Infotainment within the X3 is handled by BMW’s latest iDrive setup, featuring a touchscreen measuring 10.2 inches across. Commands can be input via the touchscreen, gesture control, voice commands or the physical iDrive controls. Also optional is a full-colour head-up display, along with a Remote 3D View setup which allows one to view the X3’s surroundings via a smartphone.

The G01 X3 adds luggage and accommodation conveniences such as a kick-motion sensing automatic tailgate and the remote rear seat back release, which enables the complete folding of the rear seats without intervention from the cabin. When the full 1,600 litres of luggage capacity (with seats folded) is called upon, the luggage cover stows in the underfloor compartment.

In the case of the X3 M40i pictured here, a turbocharged, 3.0 litre inline-six petrol engine produces 360 hp and 500 Nm of torque, which propels the SAV from 0-100 km/h in 4.8 seconds. The G01 X3 also comes with BMW Connected Plus, touted as a personal mobility companion which enables route planning and sending of estimated arrival times.

For a given journey, users can plan routes on their smartphones, and the planning assistant can also draw the X3’s current fuel status and suggest recommended fuel stops along the way, if necessary. The route planning information is then relayed to the X3.

BMW Connected Plus can also share a live trip status with selected contacts the X3’s current location, and estimated arrival time via a link to a dedicated webpage. Any changes to the trip status will be automatically updated to the page, so the driver can focus on driving.