Kia is about to unveil a new concept car at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show on September 12, and the company says it “indicates what the next-generation cee’d could look like.” We think it rather resembles the proportions of a what could be a Stinger sport wagon or shooting brake, instead of a compact family car.

Granted, there isn’t a frontal view of the concept car, and where the concept derives cues from the cee’d range is in lower crease line which dips down as it approaches the front wheels, as opposed to cutting a straight line as on the Stinger. Elsewhere, though, it takes rather more after the aesthetics of the larger, rear-wheel-drive sedan.

The rear end of the concept car adopts a swooping roofline for that aforementioned shooting brake look, and certainly the high windowline conspires with the roof for the high-waisted look that is more Stinger than cee’d. The concept’s wheel arches take up proportionally more height than the cee’d, too.

So what do you think – does it look like the next cee’d, or more like a Stinger sportwagon? Either way, do you like what you see so far?

GALLERY: Kia Stinger