A rainy evening saw the launch of the 2017 BMW Motorrad S 1000 RR super bike, R 1200 GS adventure bike, K 1600 B cruiser and R nineT Urban GS retro at the BMW Motorrad Nightfuel event in Batu Maung, Penang. The K 1600 B is a new addition to BMW’s ‘K’-series uber-tourers, and is priced at RM159,900, while the S 1000 RR and R 1200 GS have received updates for the coming model year, and are priced at RM106,900 and RM105,900, respectively.

Meanwhile, the BMW R nineT Urban GS is the Munich firm’s reboot of its original adventure machine, the R 80 G/S, G/S standing for Gelande/Strasse, and is priced ay RM87,900. All prices include GST, but excludes insurance.

Owen Riley, head of BMW Motorrad Malaysia said, “There is no better occasion than to introduce four new premium motorcycles to the BMW Motorrad family here at the Nightfuel event.” Riley added that this is the first Nightfuel event outside the Klang Valley, and bikers from all over Malaysia attended.

Revised and updated to Euro 4 specfications, the S 1000 RR comes with a 999 cc inline four-cylinder power plant that produces 199 hp at 13,500 rpm and maximum torque of 113 Nm at 10500 rpm. Three riding modes are standard – Rain, Sport and Race as well as partial integral Race ABS, along with Dynamic Traction Control (DTC).

Powered by BMW’s venerable boxer-twin with a power out put of 125 hp at 7,750 rpm and 125 Nm of torque at 6,500 rpm, the R 1200 GS is now Euro 4 compliant with updated engine management and new catalytic convertor. Also new for this model year is a drive shaft judder damper that reduces driveline vibration.

A brand new model to BMW Motorrad’s range, the K 1600 B is based on the luxury uber-tourer K 1600 GT (RM159,900), and is BMW’s take on the American cruiser. The K 1600 B takes the 165 hp and 175 Nm inline-six from BMW’s ‘K’-series tourers and puts in a low slung, bagger-style cruiser with integrated panniers.

The R nineT range sees the inclusion of the Urban G/S, comes with an air/oil-cooled 1,170 cc, Euro 4 compliant boxer-twin and a power output of 110 hp combined with a 6-speed gearbox. The Urban G/S complements the existing BMW Heritage-series bikes – the R nineT (RM101,900), R nineT Scrambler (RM92,900), R nineT Pure (RM82,900), and R nineT Racer (RM88,900) with all prices including GST but excluding insurance.