At long last, the Kia Proceed Concept has made its debut at the ongoing Frankfurt Motor Show, which hints at the design of the next-generation cee’d. To our eyes at least, it appears to look like a Stinger in sportwagon form, which isn’t a bad thing.

There’s plenty of Kia’s trademarks on show here, like the ‘tiger nose’ grille, sculpted bonnet inspired by the Stinger and full-length roof glazing. Large, angular intakes are also part of the styling, along with ‘Luminline’, an illuminated outline of the car’s glasshouse that greets drivers as they approach the car.

No “ice cube” LED fog lights like the current cee’d here, replaced instead by those triangles in the lower apron. However, four-point LEDs within the slim headlights are fitted instead as a homage, although they do generate some Porsche vibes.

The vehicle’s side profile features a low, rakish roofline that is accentuated by a ‘Sharkblade’ in the bodywork, complete with the GT logo, contributing to a near-pillarless look. Along with 20-inch six-spoke wheels, the Lava Red exterior body colour combines 19 hand-applied layers of black, chrome-effect silver and red tinted lacquer to create the stunning finish.

As for the rear, there are plenty of carbon-esque trim to be seen, along with a wide taillight that features intricate graphics at its edges, inspired by molten ferromagnetic metal. There’s plenty of angular outlets here too as reflection of what’s going on at the front.

If the exterior wasn’t enough to wow you, the interior just might do the trick. Inspired by the world of bespoke tailoring and haute couture, the cabin combines several different materials with a striking colour palette that features fiery reds higher up with charcoal greys and velvet blacks further below.

Among the highlights are the seats, which are wrapped in more than 100 metres of black elastane fabric, cut, trimmed and tailored by hand to create the rippled and ruched look you see here.

Also of interest is the dashboard and steering column that create the impression of the bonnet flowing into the cabin. You’ll also spot the door linings, which are covered in glossy hand-painted fabric.

Digital displays provide driving information and access to the car’s infotainment system, both with plenty of red accents to mimic the Lava Red exterior body colour. More colour coordination can be found in the driving modes – Lava Red for ‘GT’ mode, Forest Green for ‘Eco’ mode, and Ghost White for ‘Autonomous’ mode.

The Proceed Concept can accommodate four passengers thanks to the individual, interlinked seats that is a nod to the 2013 Provo concept. To ensure occupants are kept in a good mood, Kia recreated the ‘Memory Bank’ for the concept, which contain a trio of aromas to indulge your senses.