It appears the sun has finally set on the Volkswagen Scirocco after nine years in production, according to Car & Driver. A message on the company’s German website said, “The Scirocco cannot be ordered with individual specifications anymore. But you can purchase vehicles already built.”

We’ve known that the three-door coupé-cum-hatchback wouldn’t be long for this world – in May, Autocar reported that both it and the Beetle would be axed from the lineup when their current generations reached their end of their lives. The latest announcement seems like only a formality.

Previewed by the handsome Iroc concept in 2006, the third-generation Scirocco never exactly live up to the fierce desert wind with which it shared its name, at least where sales were concerned. It was more like a light breeze, with just 10,752 units sold last year – combined, the 2016 sales for both the Scirocco and the Beetle (25,127 units) were outstripped by what the Golf achieved in January this year alone.

Warning signs were apparent from as far back as 2014, when the car was only given a mild facelift after six years on the market – an eon in Volkswagen years – even though Car & Driver said that a replacement had long been planned. The infamous “Dieselgate” emissions cheating scandal, which led to cost-cutting and a renewed focus on electric vehicles, likely sealed its fate.