Here comes another interesting concept from Toyota, the “Fine-Comfort Ride,” which the company proposes to be “a new form of premium saloon.” The proportions clearly beg to differ, but in it are clever ideas, one of which is the employment of flexible seating layout that adjusts to an individual’s posture.

Toyota said the concept of “wearing comfort (being wrapped in comfort)” embodies the future of mobility that provides additional values and is not simply just another “ride.” There’s also an Agent function with touch displays built into the side windows, which allows the driver and occupants to freely access information. All four seats swivel freely as well.

The Fine-Comfort Ride is a fuel cell vehicle (FCV), which means it gets the same propulsion technology as the Toyota Mirai. Instead of relying on conventional batteries to power the electric motor, the hydrogen fuel cell system attains electrical power by fusing hydrogen and oxygen to produce the required voltage. The source of “fuel” is hydrogen and hydrogen only, with the byproduct being water vapour as opposed to CO2. Refuelling takes just three minutes.

With this concept, Toyota claims a cruising range of 1,000 km, which is almost twice that of the Mirai. As for the size of the vehicle, it’s actually considerably larger than the Vellfire, being 4,830 mm long, 1,950 mm wide, 1,650 mm tall and a wheelbase of 3,450 mm.

The Vellfire on the other hand, is 4,930 mm (+100 mm), 1,850 mm wide (-100 mm), 1,895 mm tall (+245 mm) and with a wheelbase length of 3,000 mm (-450 mm!). Suffice to say, the Fine-Comfort Ride can comfortably seat six individuals, Toyota claims. The pictures show four rotatable seats, but there is another two-seat bench at the rear end of the vehicle.

Toyota is set to display the concept car at the upcoming 45th Tokyo Motor Show, which runs for 12 days from October 25 to November 5, 2017. The theme this year is “Beyond the Motor.”