Autonomous driving systems are improving their capabilities by the moment, it seems, and now Renault has announced that it has developed a system to tackle challenging driving situations and specifically, an obstacle avoidance capability that is as good as that of professional test drivers.

According to the automaker, the system is meant to complement existing driver assistance systems in the steps towards autonomous systems as a means of improving vehicle safety.

This development of the autonomous obstacle avoidance capability – with input provided by the company’s test drivers – will also go towards Groupe Renault’s goal of becoming one of the industry’s first brands to offer ‘mind-off’ technology on mainstream vehicles, and the deploying of fleets of robo-vehicles.

The basis for Renault’s work in the development of autonomous technologies comes from research published by Stanford University’s Dynamic Design Lab, led by former chief innovation officer of the US department of transportation, Professor Chris Gerdes, whom the Renault Open Innovation Lab has been collaborating with. To this end, Renault aims to have 15 vehicle models with various levels of autonomous driving capabilities by 2022.