‘T1M’ number plate series – bidding starts from Nov 20

If you are someone named Tim, or you know someone with that name, good news! The Road Transport Department (JPJ) and Ministry of Transport have approved the new ‘T1M’ series plate, which runs from ‘T1M 1’ to ‘T1M 1000’.

Meant to represent Transformasi 1 Malaysia, the sale of the plate series will be managed by Pertubuhan Transformasi Anak Muda Malaysia, a Non-governmental organisation (NGO). Bidding is set to officially begin from November 20, 2017 until December 2, 2017 and if you’re interested, the bidding form can be obtained from www.platt1m.com.

Successful bidders will have until July 30, 2018 to register their acquired plates, and registration can only be done at the Wangsa Maju JPJ office. It is reported ‘T1M 1’ will have a starting bid of RM180,000, so other bidders might want to spend their ‘T1M 3’ looking at other plates more suited to their budget.

Proceeds from the sale of the plate series will be channelled to the NGO so it can carry out efforts to provide education and welfare to youths in Malaysia.