There is no evidence of an oil slick on the North-South Expressway (NSE) as alleged by a social media post that went viral, police confirmed yesterday. According to Bernama, the posting said that a motorcyclist was injured after falling from his bike due to oil poured on the road by irresponsible individuals. Other netizens have also said that they lost control of their vehicles around the area, despite not speeding.

Ipoh police chief ACP Mohd Ali Tamby said that officers scoured the area in question – the entrance ramp leading from Jalan Kuala Kangsar near the Gunung Lang Recreational Park – but found no traces of oil.

“Police officers went to the location of the incident as stated in the viral social media post, but could not find any spillage or traces of oil at the site,” Mohd Ali told the national news agency. “I am not saying that [the posting] is not true, but I urge that if there was such an incident, then report it to the authorities and state the location and other details clearly.”