Yes, it’s Wednesday, so fuel prices for the week ahead are out – and happily for motorists the increase brought along over the past week has been neutralised, at least where petrol fuels are concerned.

From tomorrow, January 11, both petrol grades are three sen cheaper at the pump, with RON 95 petrol retailing at RM2.26 per litre (down from RM2.29 per litre last week) and RON 97 petrol at RM2.53 per litre (from RM2.56 per litre).

Meanwhile, diesel fuel prices remain level this week, so Euro 2M diesel continues to be priced at RM2.32 per litre, while Euro 5 diesel – always 10 sen more expensive – holds station at RM2.42 per litre. These prices will come into effect from midnight until January 17, when the next fuel price adjustment will be announced.

This week’s fuel price announcement is the 42nd since the weekly system took effect at the end of March 2017. The net difference has been a four sen decrease for RON 95 petrol (from RM2.30 per litre), a seven sen reduction for RON 97 petrol (from RM2.60 per litre), and a 12 sen increase in Euro 2M diesel (from RM2.20 per litre) since then.