The legend has returned, albeit in a race car form with plenty of distracting stickers and extreme aero bits. Not quite the “new Toyota Supra” that we’ll be able to dream of/buy yet. But after what seemed like eternal teasing, anything Supra is good, and we shall not complain. Here’s some fantasy material, perhaps even better than pics of the Toyota GR Supra Racing Concept in Geneva.

Better, because this video from Toyota shows the Supra in more realistic form, without the Gazoo Racing livery of the showcar. We also get to see it in three colours – black, white and red – and in different environments such as country roads, an urban setting (Tokyo, naturally) and of course, the race track.

The three cars tackle their respective worlds in flamboyant style, before meeting up for a spot of tandem drifting. The new Supra is of course rear-wheel drive, and we can hear the sounds of the inline-six turbo engine in the video clearly. The cars then morph into the liveried Toyota GR Supra Racing Concept as seen in Geneva.

OK, the video may not be real – indeed, Gran Turismo Sport players will have the chance to get behind the Supra’s wheel in April virtually before the actual car surfaces – but it’s as good as it gets for fans, for now. The cars depicted here are real-world enough, and I particularly like the black one dancing around empty Tokyo ring roads. We also get to see the Supra’s front and rear LED lighting clearly.

What’s confirmed for now is a turbocharged inline-six engine (most likely a BMW unit tuned by Gazoo), no manual gearbox option (ZF eight-speed auto or a dual-clutch unit?), 50:50 weight distribution and centre of gravity that’s lower than the 86’s, revealed by Toyota’s sports car guru Tetsuya Tada.

GALLERY: Toyota GR Supra Racing Concept