Mercedes-Benz EQ trademarks EQA and EQB names

Mercedes-Benz has already presented quite a number of models parked under its EQ sub-brand, and is now widening its trademark on a number of names. Such a move is pretty common among carmakers for “just in case” situations, so not all the names here might actually be used.

The German carmaker filed for EQA 200, EQA 250, EQA 260, EQA 300, EQA 320, EQA 350 and EQA 360 in Canada recently, which will likely be used for the production version of the Concept EQA. The show car made its debut in Frankfurt last year, serving as a preview for an upcoming electric vehicle (EV) in the company’s compact class.

Additionally, filings were also made for EQB 200, EQB 250, EQB 260, EQB 300, EQB 320, EQB 350 and EQB 360, but it is not known what the EQB might be. The name wasn’t present when Mercedes-Benz first filed for trademarks associated with the EQ name, including EQA, EQC, EQE, EQG and EQS, along with EQ Inside, EQ Boost and Generation EQ.

We’ve already been told the EQC, an electric SUV, will be the first model to be introduced under the EV sub-brand in 2019. The model was shown undergoing testing ahead of its debut, and was first previewed by the Generation EQ concept.

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