Uber Malaysia has launched its new Greenlight Hub in Petaling Jaya today, which will continue to serve its driver partners in the country. The new facility at 4,600 sq ft is twice the size of the previous one, and has the capacity to serve up to 1,000 driver-partners each week from its hub in the Axis Business campus, operating from 10 am to 7 pm Mondays to Fridays and 10 am to 5 pm Saturdays.

The location features a briefing room that will be used for new driver-partner introductions along with driver-focused learning initiatives, while also serving as Uber Malaysia’s home base for its driver community and as a venue for events. The hub will also accommodate partner vendors who want to share information on their services, said Uber.

“Our new Greenlight Hub for driver-partners is an investment that clearly demonstrates our long-term commitment to supporting driver-partners and growing our business in Malaysia. With this bigger and more conducive location, we will be able to cater to more driver-partners who require face-to-face support,” said Uber Malaysia general manager of expansion Karina Ali Noor.

“This is one of the many thing we hope to do as we roll out more support for driver-partners, and in turn strengthen the ridesharing ecosystem in Malaysia,” she said. The Greenlight Hub aims to offer quicker service with more than 20 counters and ample parking spaces on site, while partner booths and discussion rooms offer space for more in depth dialogue as required. Around 90% of driver-partner issues are resolved within his or her first visit, Uber says.

The three pillars are Support, Earnings and Flexibility, areas which have been identified from feedback obtained from Uber’s driver-partners over the past several months, the company said. In view of the first pillar, Uber has announced a host of driver support updates, policy improvements and product enhancements.

Kicking things off, the ride-sharing service provider’s 24/7 phone support channel for drivers now has Bahasa Malaysia language support, and drivers can opt to speak to either an English- or Bahasa Malaysia-speaking agent.

Vehicle cleaning is part and parcel of a ride-sharing operator’s chores, and to that end Uber will give its driver-partners compensation of RM20 should they opt to clean their vehicles at their own initial outlay. The firm is also reviewing its cleaning fee policies so that the amounts compensated are based on the severity of soiling, or the amount of cleaning required.

Drivers can also now share a live map of their location, trip status and related information with up to five pre-selected contacts while they are online. Drivers can also connect with guest riders, as in guests of an Uber rider account holder. When a rider hails ride for a friend or family member, drivers can contact the guest rider if required, and the guest will receive an SMS with the driver’s name, estimated time of arrival, car type, licence plate and contact.


Meanwhile for riders, identifying one’s ride is set to get easier thanks to colour identification in the app itself. The colour of the driver-partner’s car will be reflected in the car icon, improving ease of observation and thus shortening waiting times for both driver and passenger.

As before, riders will be reminded to give feedback on their ride experience, though now with the additional requirement to provide feedback on all trips rated four stars or less, in order to help drivers improve their service via tips from riders’ feedback.

More changes are on the cards following this initial three-month ‘Driver Forward’ stint. A comprehensive set of changes and initiatives are aimed at further improving the driver-partner experience, particularly under the earnings and flexibility pillars.