Three months after rolling it out in Indonesia, Google has now introduced its motorcycle mode in Malaysia – the new navigation mode is now available on the latest version of Google Maps, located along with the other modes of transportation offered by the web mapping service.

Geared for two-wheeled travel, the dedicated mode is a significant jump for motorbike users who utilise Google Maps to get around. For one, it makes it easier to gauge travel times more accurately – previously, Maps would estimate motorcyclists’ travel and arrival times based on a combination of walking and driving routes.

The motorcycle mode feature will provide more accurate travel times based on machine learning models that reflect riding speeds. Since lane splitting is allowed on Malaysian roads, motorcycles are able to move at different speeds, usually faster than four wheelers in heavy traffic. Motorcycles also have specific differences – there are road segments where motorcycles aren’t allowed.

As is is with driving mode, the accuracy of the motorcycle mode’s time and travel estimation improves the more people use it. A landmark-based navigation function offers directions with prominent landmarks included, this being to help riders orient themselves and remember their routes in far better fashion before they set off.

The motorcycle mode feature, which was first launched in India at the end of last year, is the latest enhancement introduced on Maps, and follows on the introduction of a number of minor features that were rolled out earlier this month.