The results for the RX number plate series have been released by the Road Transport Department (JPJ) of Perlis after the end of tendering on May 15. Unlike previous number plate series, there are no record sums paid for this number plate series as we saw with the V, F, W1N and WWW series.

Unsurprisingly, the most expensive plate is ‘RX 1’, with the winning bid being RM313,500. This is followed by ‘RX 2’ that fetched RM198,000, and ‘RX 9’ at RM153,099. Other plates that cracked the six-figure sum include ‘RX 3’ (RM142,000) and ‘RX 5’ (RM120,000).

Plates associated with recent rotary-powered Mazdas like ‘RX 7’ and ‘RX 8’ also attracted a fair bit of attention, going for RM85,800 and RM96,910 respectively. Double-digit plates continue to be a popular choice, with ‘RX 11’, ‘RX 22’, ‘RX 33’, ‘RX 44’, ‘RX 55’, ‘RX 66’, ‘RX 77’, ‘RX 88’ and ‘RX 99’ all fetching a minimum five-figure sum.