The transport ministry says it will take stern action against those involved in the issuance of kopi-o licences, be they road transport department (RTD) personnel or driving institutes, The Sun reports.

According to transport minister Anthony Loke, there were still parties promoting such activity, which the ministry is attempting to put an end to. He said that those found flouting the law will have their driving institute licence revoked, and any JPJ officers involved in such scams will be sacked.

“Apparently, there are still individuals or parties who advertise on social media promoting their services of assisting potential drivers to get their driving licence without having to go through the proper (procedure) on driving lessons and the test. For this, I have instructed my director-general to lodge a police report and follow-up on the report with an anti corruption report so that those responsible can be punished,” he said.

The ministry has said it is planning to introduce an automated system for driving tests, which will minimise human intervention and eradicate the kopi-o licence culture as well as pakej sampai lulus or ‘guaranteed to pass’ packages that have been prevalent.

The new system, which could be introduced from as early as next year, will see learner drivers taking their on-road practical test on a circuit without an examiner sitting next to them – drivers will instead be monitored and have their driving skills evaluated remotely from a control room via multiple cameras on the circuit.