The Road Transport Department (JPJ) issued a total of 346 notices for various offences to foreign drivers in Kuala Lumpur recently as part of an operation (Ops PeWA) to nab foreigners driving illegally in the area.

As reported by Bernama, 145 foreigners driving various types of vehicles were inspected during the operation. Ismail Mohd Zawawi, KL JPJ director, added that Myanmar nationals formed the majority of illegal foreign drivers with 70 individuals.

Following nationalities include Indonesians (23), Indians (11), Pakistanis (7), Bangladeshis (6), Nepalese (2) and others (26). “Among the offences committed were not having driving licence and expiry of road tax. The motorcycles and vehicles driven by them will be seized,” he said.

The department has given registered drivers a grace period of three months to reclaim their vehicles before further action is taken. “This operation is being carried out to ensure that foreigners comply with the road regulations set in this country,” said Mohd Zawawi.