2018 Toyota Alphard with Rowen bodykit looks wild

Owners of the Toyota Alphard now have a new bodykit to feast their eyes upon, courtesy of Rowen International that has prepared a set of aesthetic add-ons for the popular people-mover. As you’ll see, it isn’t for those who want to blend in.

The bodykits can be specified as a full set or on a piecemeal basis, for sections such as front spoiler lips, side panels, side skirts and the like, in various materials and states of finish. A complete kit made from FRP starts from 125,000 yen (RM4.6k) in Japan, with options for pre-painting, up to 280,000 yen (RM10.3k) for a Premium Style kit that is pre-painted and made from FRP and ABS plastics.

Rowen also offers exhaust systems for the Alphard, which come in either titanium or stainless steel. The former is priced at 318,000 yen (RM11.7k) for hybrid, 2.5 litre and 3.5 litre models, while the stainless steel exhaust line ranges from 132,500 yen (RM4.9k) to 206,500 yen (RM7.6k), for hybrid, 2.5 litre and 3.5 litre models.

What do you think of these wild bodykits?

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