A motorcyclist almost lost his head, and his life, after riding into a fishing line strung across the motorcycle lane on the Gombak exit of the DUKE highway. Facebook user Mohamad Afiq Izwan Ismail said the incident occurred at the motorcycle lane exit before the turn-off into Taman Rowther and Taman Koperasi Polis 1, Gombak, said a report in The Star.

In his Facebook post, university student Mohamad Afiq wrote that he suffered a cut on his neck and his helmet was damaged. “This is not a myth, as it happened to me. There’s some heartless human being who placed this trap near the corner … this is a fishing line, which is rough,” he said.

Mohamad Afiq added many riders were afraid to use the motorcycle lane at night, for fear of encountering such booby traps and becoming the victim of muggers or worse, losing their life. Speaking to The Star, Mohamad Afiq said he did not expect his post to go viral, saying his intention is to warn other riders in the area to be careful.