Remember the sinister-looking Infiniti Q60 Project Black S from last year? Well, it appears that the automaker will be displaying a prototype of the performance hybrid sedan at the Paris Motor Show next week, and the numbers are quite tantalising.

The updated Project Black S is meant to showcase the transfer of technology from Formula One – specifically the dual-hybrid electric powertrain – to a road car. The Paris-bound model employs a VR30 3.0 litre V6 twin-turbo engine with F1-style ‘energy recovery system’ (ERS) for a total system output of 571 PS. This enables a century sprint time of under four seconds! On its own, the engine produces 405 PS.

It employs three motor generator units (MGU) – a single MGU-K (‘K’ stands for ‘kinetic’) unit harvests kinetic energy from braking, and the engine’s twin electric turbochargers are fitted with two MGU-H (‘H’ for ‘heat’) units to harvest heat energy from exhaust gases. This enables the powertrain to generate electrical power under both braking and acceleration.

The powertrain and aerodynamics of the Black S were developed together with the Renault Sport Formula One Team. Design-wise, it features the ‘Monza’ wing with similar aero profile as Renault Sport’s F1 car, and the unit is made out of carbon-fibre. Through digital modelling technology, the shape and proportions of the wing have been fine-tuned to give maximum straight-line stability and high-traction under cornering.

Moving to the sides, the wheel arch extensions hide the increased track width and larger 21-inch alloy wheels, while the side skirts are deeper and more elaborate. The rear is characterised by a large rear wing and a massive diffuser, joined by enormous twin titanium centre-exit exhausts.

Infiniti’s chairman and global president, Roland Krueger said that “the Project Black S represents the very top end of electrification in the [Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi] Alliance portfolio, and is another example of Infiniti’s entrepreneurial spirit on its journey to electrification from 2021 onward.”

“Project Black S utilises high power and smart energy management from advanced powertrains, a thrilling dynamic capability on road and track, and a performance-oriented aesthetic. It’s a test-bed for new ideas and technologies, demonstrating how our Alliance partnerships could make our visions a reality,” he added.