BMW has wasted no time in bringing out the M Performance parts catalogue for the new G20 BMW 3 Series, which made its debut at the 2018 Paris Motor Show yesterday. Munich says that the parts are directly inspired by and derived from motor racing, and they will allow customers to “systematically enhance the sports feel of their BMW 3 Series.”

The M Performance aerodynamic and exterior components comprises no fewer than 10 items, some available in a choice of matte black, gloss black or carbon fibre. These are the front splitter (or front splitter ‘pro’), rear spoiler and rear diffuser – they are claimed to optimise air stream while reducing uplift. On the side, you’ll find CF mirror caps and M Performance side sill films.

Below the tinted rear lights, you’ll find M Performance tailpipes, which feature high corrosion resistance and a long service life, thanks to their material mix of titanium and carbon fibre.

Moving on to wheels, which have four designs in two sizes. The 18-inch matte black double-spoke 796M wheels are suitable for use both in summer and winter. Upgrade to 20-inch, and the choice is between the forged cross-spoke 794 M bicolor wheels (jet black, burnished) and the forged Y-spoke 795 M wheels, in either bicolor (ferric grey matte, gloss lathed) or matte black. Now, BMW even provides M Performance tyre bags.

Wheels and brakes go together, and the M Performance 18-inch braking system is recognisable from the red four-piston aluminium calipers. Not just for looks, but the sports brakes also feature “considerably enhanced deceleration performance.” Compared to stock items, the 18-inch brake discs are bigger, perforated, grooved, and of lightweight construction. They also have higher thermal resistance.

Inside, the G20’s fresh new cabin can be decorated with an M Performance steering wheel, which has distinctive grip areas, large thumb rests, a red centre marking and silver-grey hand-sewn cross-stitch seams.

One can also opt for carbon-fibre shift paddles and a steering wheel trim panel made of CF with an Alcantara insert and M Performance inscription. You can also “carbonise” the whole interior with CF trim with an open-pored structure.

In the footwell, the mats come with the M Performance inscription and a flag in M colours, along with a leather-look surround including a decorative seam in contrasting colours.

Planning to bring your G20 to the track? The M Performance drive analyser can record a range of driving data for subsequent analysis. The system consists of an OBD stick that is plugged into the on-board diagnosis interface, and a smartphone app. Besides collecting data, the tool offers recording and analysis capabilities. It is also possible to record trips with a smartphone video camera, including cumulative driving data and route calculation using GPS data.

BMW also provides M Performance holders for action cameras. For external recording, these are simply mounted to the front or rear towing ring; to make recordings inside, it is snapped into place in the base support of the Travel & Comfort system on the headrest of the driver or front passenger seat. It allows the camera to be turned through 360 degrees, to enable images to be made from various perspectives.

Lastly, an M Performance slide set for the LED door projectors ensure that you see an M logo (or other M Performance-related motif) on the ground. Also available is a key wallet made of Alcantara with carbon-fibre inserts, which can be permanently fixed to the key fob with a socket head screw. Full details, specs and gallery of the new G20 3 Series here.