Motorcycle riders trying to evade police and JPJ road blocks has become a common place thing. Some riders even place their lives and the lives of others at risk by riding against the flow of traffic or across road dividers to avoid being detained at road blocks.

However, JPJ Malacca has come out to say road users, especially bikers, face being blacklisted should they perform such actions. JPJ Malacca director Muhammad Firdaus Sharif said in a Harian Metro report road users flouting the law will be given a notice before their names are put on the blacklist.

This is provided for under Section 55 of the Road Transport Act 1987 with JPJ officers recording the antics of bikers trying to avoid road blocks during operations. “After the vehicle is identified, JPJ will issue Notice 114 for the owner of the vehicle to present his or herself within 21 days. Should they fail to appear, a RM150 compound will be issued and their name inserted into the blacklist, preventing them from renewing their license and road tax,” said Firdaus.

Meanwhile, Firdaus said 1,236 summons were issued in Malacca during Ops TBC, which ran from 29 January to 12 February during the Chinese New Year holidays. Of this total, motorcycles recorded the highest number of offences with 329 while 355 summons were issued for driving license offences.